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Syracuse Boudoir Beauty Team Tabetha Carns

Tabetha Carns of CNY FaceCandy

I began my career after graduating cosmetology school about seven years ago. Gaining experience as a hair stylist quickly boosted my passion for working in this industry and confidence to establish my own business. Recently, I also attended Chic Studios Makeup Artist School in New York City. While there, I discovered and mastered a newfound passion as a makeup artist and, driven by my love for being a hair stylist and makeup artist, CNY Facecandy was born.

There is just something to say about making someone look and feel beautiful. It is truly a rewarding experience to see my clients feel their best… and know that I was not only part of that experience, but that I helped them achieve it. I can honestly say I love what I do. Whether I am working with a face or hair, I am right where I was meant to be.